peregrination (noun). a travalling from place to place; a wandering

June 10, 2009

I  spent the day doing absolutely no essence of studying (sorry to all those who are currently hard at work!- I promise it is not my attention to rub it in).  I finally paid a visit to the gym after 2 weeks of abusing my body. It felt awesome to go for a swim after 40mins cardio.  I just remembered that I forgot to do my last set of squats! O:  I spent the majority of the day reading Looking For Alaska, and I plan to finish that tonight. It’s been a joyous read! After I finish that, I plan to watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.  Then go to bed ready for a day of study tomorrow: International Relations in the 20th Century- a little over a century of events to learn, study and memorise for a 30% M.C final exam.  Shouldn’t be too hard, but I really am looking to do well considering my major essay was shithouse.

Story of my life.

My favourite passage  thus far:

“…Alaska grabbed the six precalc kids she did not consider Weekday Warriors and piled us inter her tiny blue two-door.  By happy coincidence, a cute sohphomore girl named Lara ended up sitting on my lap.  Lara’d been born in Russia or someplace, and she spoke with a slight accent.  Since we were only four layers of clothes from doing it, I took the opportunity to introduce myself.”
“Looking for Alaska” by John Green

I chuckled everytime the perverted protagonist took notice to how many layers was between him and anybody from physical contact.  His awkwardness is rather amusing…it gets better towards the end thought, promise!


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