canorous (adj). melodious; musical

June 12, 2009

Instead of studying for the majority of the day, though I have started, I spent most of the day planning/scheming what to do in the  week ahead.   I feel rather excited now :)  It kinda motivates me to study!

I hung with Eric most of the afternoon, just chilling and watching kids TV on ABC1.  There’s a show called MIHigh that isn’t too shabby (I love the British accent); Naturally Sadie is also alright (that Ben guy!); and The Owl show (it’s a short series where the owl gets GG’d everytime). I’m gonna go try find some clips now: (I promise you it’s the funniest thing out)

HILARITY! :D There are better one on TV like the bubble blowing one.

Everyone has been migrating to/joining tumblr. It makes me sad that I still stand alone in the wordpress domain.
Timothy and Leena, please come back to blogging. I miss your musings.


3 Responses to “canorous (adj). melodious; musical”

  1. TIMSUN Says:

    i’m trying to do it again, lol, but it will die after a while again i bet

  2. Dengke Says:

    omg the owl’s eye completely popped out. Painful O_o I’m kinda surprised this is a kids show, but I can understand why it is. lol “hilarity”

  3. Tan Says:

    Haha yes! Rollercoaster! I love Elliot.

    When I saw the owl show thingo for the first time, I was very surprised THAT was on during a kids show TV time.

    The chick in MI high is hot. Naturally Sadie… first season was good… when she was actually into animal conservation. Now she’s just into boys.

    Yeh, during the holidays I watch those ABC shows to death… sooo loooking forward to it.

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