Weekend No. 23

June 13, 2009

My weekends never cease to involve An.  Whilst on my Coffee Break at work this morning, she gives me a ring and tells me quite a funny and embarrassing story- which I cannot disclose for obvious reasons.  If you’re interested, give her a buzz and I’m sure she won’t mind telling you about it.  (If I was to re-tell it, it probably won’t be as funny because you need to hear her sense of embarrassment).

I went to work today since uni started (‘work’ being at Miranda Fair where I help out my parents at their store).  I sorta kinda like Miranda.  I don’t like how everyone there is rather rich, so the stores in the Centre jack up their prices (compared to the prices, say at Parramatta).  I like it because sometimes, I find things I don’t expect to find- and I tell Mummy about it and she gets excited and then she buys it for me (read: spoilt- I get it).  I was dropping off a package for a Pumpkin Patch worker when I saw these pair of delightful shoes that I’ve been looking for for quite a while:

And Mum knew that I was looking for them, so when I told her, she told me to get them and voila.  I know own a pair of Madame Heels :D (Superficial happiness- not the best kind but it’s sometimes good to fill the void).

I feel like changing the theme/colour scheme/layout of this blog…what say you?


2 Responses to “Weekend No. 23”

  1. Alysse Says:

    ooh i like your shoes!
    i’ve been looking for the perfect pair of oxfords for soo long, but there’s always one thing wrong with the pairs i find!
    i think a change of layout would be nice :)

  2. An Says:

    thanks for not disclosing the story Maggie :)

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