nescience (noun). lack of knowlegde; ignorance

June 17, 2009

Technically, I’ve finally completed studying a century worth’s of international relations history and came to the realisation that the world has not changed that much since World War One. Besides this revelation, I’m rather excited about Friday 10am.  NOMNOMNOMNOM for nice French/Greek/Thai/Spanish food for lunchie on Friday! :D

Technically, we’re not in a recession (yet). I’m about to blow some serious moolah on online shopping. I haven’t shopped in 2-3 months (since uni has started) and I simply could not do it at the cheaper prices online.  The prices at Westfields malls have jacked themselves up and I seriously am tired of paying for an overpriced apparel.

Technically, US series look much more enticing to tune into than another other nations’ (according to my mum- she just made the comment).  She says the opening are constructed to look so good and she wouldn’t mind watching it, except she wouldn’t understand the happenings of the episode and would subsequently render it impossible for dad or myself to understand with all her questions for interpretations.

Technically, I’ve wasted you time. Sorry.


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