tenebrous (adj). dark; gloomy; dusky

June 18, 2009

It was such a tenebrous day today that I seriously was not in the mood to study.  To be honest, this mood has been non-existent since winter struck.  It has been too cold to sit down and study.  I get heaps distracted because of 1) the cold 2) the internet and 3) with sleep.  It has been all to easy to let study go since I’ve finished with the last of my major essays, so I have.  Hello to books and daytime TV.

Poh has left Masterchef! It was between her and Sam so either way, I would have been devastated.

Whilst watching the TimTam commercial, Eric shot out this comment: “So that’s how you make it!”  Yeah Eric, let’s see you make it.

I have a little over a hundred years of international relations to revise over for tomorrow finals, which start at an un-Godly time of 8:45am , finishing at 10am (incidentally the time I’ve been waking up since StuVac started).  I want to be over with Semester One of uni and ‘start fresh’ for Semester 2. Really excited about Introduction to Criminal Justice! And Rich World Poor World. I really hope some homies who were in my French tut this semester rock up into next semester’s.  I have another International Relations core to part-take in next semester as well.  Hopefully, it’s a new lecturer and much more inspiring content than just the events of the 20th century. Most of all, just looking forward to seeing everyone again during the break.

Restaurants. Clubs. Tapas Bars. Movies. Night out. Night in. Train rides. Shopping. Theatres. Markets. Sewing Machine.  Kitchen. DVDs. Books. Presents. Cards. Dance.

PMS: Please go away.

On a slightly different note, I didn’t watch Oprah today because it wasn’t an interesting topic.  Yesterday and the day before that featured very intriguing discussion topics.  One featured something about relationships, and why people cheat and whatnot.  Yesterday, featured Linda something’s follow up report on a polygamous community in the state of Texas (I really couldn’t fathom this concept but I’ve come to understand why such a town exists) and a family who was addicted to heroin (living separately in different rehab/sober homes).  I find  Linda something’s work very interesting and wouldn’t mind doing something similar myself.  It wasn’t journalistic reporting that flagrantly disrespect people’s privacy and exaggerate the report; it took a much more wholistic/humanitarian approach and dealt with these clear-cut issues of how/why.  I really wish I remembered her surname, I would write her an e-mail telling her how much I like her work.  Perhaps it’s time to Google instead of ARTS1810.

No. Google later. ARTS1810 now!


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