circumlocution (noun). the use of many words to express an idea that might be expressed in a few; roundabout language

June 19, 2009

I use a lot of circumlocution in my essays- that’s for sure!

Finished the last of my Semester one exams today! So to celebrate, May, Ivy and I visited Manu’s restaurant in Paddington- L’etoile.  It was the best decision of the day considering the 60 multiple choice decisions I had to make before making the trip down to the delightful French restaurant. :D  I can say that I enjoyed this fine dining. I somewhat now understand what ‘fine’ dining means- A good hearty meal in a nice environment where nothing is rushed.  I enjoyed my duck terrine entree.  It was really nice.  May and Ivy both went with the cheese souffle, which was yummy as well.  For the main, Maggie had the pan fried salmon, sorrel beurre blanc and green asparagus. YUM!  I think what made the meal so much more interesting was that we were all star-struck by Manu, and knowing the fact he prepared our meals. So yeah.  He popped out a couple of times- he really is a jolly, hearty man.

Eric got the top mark for sewing at school (he just informed me). He says he owns.

I found this:

I’m so glad they’ve decided to give the MDGs (esp#1) another jolt! I think it’s much needed seeing as we’ve got 5.5 years to reach this target.  I just hope that efforts are continued to completely eradicate poverty (far-fetched statement from a 5 foot girl).  If you’re interested about the Global Poverty Project, I’ve provided the link so, just click!  I’ve joined to the mailing list and hope to be attending events.  Please join!

Anyway, off to have some ukulele lovin’ time! :D


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