Weekend No. 24

June 21, 2009

Apologies about yesterday’s non-existent post.  It was Nessa’s day, kinda got carried away and forgot about my domain.   But not to worry, am back in the comfyness of my bed, with Toby on my lap and ready to roll out another poor excuse of a post.

Nessa’s was fun!  She was so cute stressing over packing and everything! I hope you enjoyed your special day dear! Thank you for letting me be a part of it.  I’ll get sorted with that pressie asap!  I would post up the polaroids but my scanner aint working, so I can’t.  I will figure out a way to do it later.

Darren and I watched Star Trek today. I love the idea of laser fights, time-space compression and travel…all that jazz; pretty much re-discovered my fascination for science-fiction films.  So I plan to go watch what I recently discovered (thanks to Kenny) Star Wars cartoon just to fulfill my yearning for laser fights- pewpew!

I went to get a hair cut yesterday.  Bangs.  I took Nessa’s advice because I trust it and was really up for something new.  It’s good and all in that you don’t have to keep flicking hair to left/right so it is parted correctly.  But I have a random parting to the right of my temple, so it just splits anyway.  And I think the guy didn’t cut it straight enough for me, so I’m gonna have to go ‘fix it’ myself- fingers crossed I don’t stuff it up.  I’m not sure if I like it yet; it has only been a day old.  Vina says it’ll grow on me.  Let’s hope so!

Uni break has started (if I haven’t said so already) for me, so I’m gonna be free as a bee (are bees free? Let’s just assume that’s the saying) and have time to catch up with some people I’ve hardly seen since uni started.  I’m also gonna be going to help work with my parents on Mondays and Wednesdays. That should be okay as it means I get to have time with Mummy!  I haven’t actually had a nice conversation with Mum in a long time. So working with her should give me chance to do so.

Anyway, reading time is coming up! So I shall wrap up and hope you’ve all enjoyed the well-deserved break this weekend.


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