diaphanous (adj). allowing light to pass through; translucent

June 23, 2009

Mum was in my room tonight.  She was just talking to me on my bed when she realised the polaroids from Nessa’s.  She was looking through them and then placed them back to their original position- on top of the invitation.  She picked up the invitation and attempted to read it.  My mum can’t read English, so when she attempts to, its pretty much sounding out each letter then punting the accumlating sound to form the word.  So when she saw “Maggie”, she naturally spelt it out in order to derive the word:
Meee-aaaaa-ggggg-ggggiiiiiiiiie- “MAGGIE!” she finally said and was so excited about discovering the word that she went to re-tell the story to my dad.

I love my mum :D I get to go to work with her tomorrow. YAY!

Went to Cooks Hill with some Hurlstonians today; twas good to see the friendly familiar faces who I got to see on a 5/7 days a week basis last year.  Everyone is still so hearty, incredible good-looking and fun to be around (:

I would go on Adium/MSN tonight, but it’s too late as I’ve got work tomorrow and would rather 3 hours of sleep than typing.  I shall go on tomorrow night to make some plans for the weekend ahead! More kids are done with exams so it should be exciting!


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