propinquity (noun). nearness in place; neighbourhood; proximity

June 26, 2009

OMG. Claiming Youth/Study Allowance is a pain in the neck.  I’ve been reiterating through direct answers that I DO NOT OWN ANY ASSETS and yet the question of “What is the current market value of your household contents and personal effects (whole dollar amount)?” still appears-DUMB STUPID ONLINE APPLICATION.  I’m so tired now and I still have my parent’s income/assets form to go ): OMG. Pain.  And I have an ulcer growin’ on me. Boo.

Moving away from my self-centered rank, Michael Jackson (aka The King of Pop) died today. Nessa rang me 8am this morning to inform me of this shock of an event (Bless her).  Of course, I didn’t fully comprehend it until I was at the gym, when the lady on the cross trainer told me to go onto Channel 9 to watch its coverage of the passing.  To pay my respects and appreciation of his contribution to the world of music, here’s a clip of my favourite hit by MJ:


5 Responses to “propinquity (noun). nearness in place; neighbourhood; proximity”

  1. Hieu Says:

    How can you not own any assets. Toby is one.

  2. Hieu Says:


  3. Hieu Says:

    ^ Don’t know why I wrote clothes. I was thinking Cash.

  4. Hieu Says:

    ^ I just read that link. Clothes are assets. So its hardly possible you have NO assets.

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