Weekend No. 25

June 28, 2009

This second weekend of my uni break was spent mostly with some of my favourite people. We headed to the infamous Bondi Markets.  I have neglected this place for a good 2 months because of univsersity.  It was so great to get back into that chilled atmosphere that is across from the beach, with many splendid things to purchase and consume.  As per usual, I gave myself a nice bacon and egg roll packed with BBQ sauce (goodbye yesterday’s gym workout) and scored myself some goodies (leather jacket finally! and some added things).

I enjoy my get together with friends… it somewhat reaffirms the meaning of friendship for me in these times of limbo (or what I classify as limbo).  I’m at that transitional stage in my life, still, and I have difficulty distingusihing friends from acquaintances, good friends from friends.  I like things simple: friends are friends no matter now good or bad they are; acquaintances remain acquaintances.  But then as time rolls on, you realise that aquaintances slowly become your friends and your friends slowly become aquaintances.  It’s a rather sad fact when stated like that… I’ve come to understand the complexities that lie within friendship- the many layers, stories, experiences that form this special thing, not just its frequency and time, which also play a significant part.  Again, it’s a complex thing.  I could write an essay on this but I hope you get my drift…

Dad just walked in and asked in Chinese: “Do you know how much two thousand dollars is?”, insinuating that I do not know my numbers in Chinese. Tsk tsk tsk.

Anyway, back to my point, a friend is someone who you can confide in. There are no such things as awkward silences, just mutual peace.  It’s when you can just blurt out whatever the hell is on your mind and be completely comfortable with them knowing this is exactly what you think.  It’s when you can have nothing to say and it’ll be completely okay.  It’s when you share your stories and become emotionally involve; you care for them.

This is what I thought about on the train when I was with the three people I was with today: You girls are beautiful.

I finally watched Transformers 1 today! It was awesome.  I want a Bumblebee for myself; a guardian Transformer; too cool (H)
I did not quite understand the Cube mumbo-jumbo.  Anyone care to explain in very simple terms?


One Response to “Weekend No. 25”

  1. Leena Says:

    I shall :)

    The cube is pretty much this massive object of pure energy – enough energy to create and sustain life. It is the source of the creation of the transformers and their planet. But the corrupted by his thirst for power, Megatron warred with the others over the cube until it was lost in space. The cube landed on earth, and yes everybody was looking for it. Megatron crashed in the ice looking for it. Ya da ya da. Everyone lands on earth when they figure out its there. Megatron wants to use it to turn all of earth’s machines into his army and DESTROY DESTROY DESTROY. Autobots say nay, deceptacons say yay. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT. Pure energy into megatron’s body = death. Autobots win. BOOYAH!

    The end.

    I’m glad you’ve joined the transformers bandwagon my love :)


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