tmesis (noun). in grammar and rhetoric, the separation of the parts of a compound word, now generally done for humourous effect

June 29, 2009

An example that my calendar gave was “what place soever” instead of “whatsoever place”. I don’t get it- how is that even slightly humourous?

Had a nice day at work today- saw some cheap cannolis on the way to buy bread, so I decided to purchase some.  There were mixed flavours of vanilla, choc-chip and pastachios, and chocolate. YUM! :D I also treated myself to some palmiers. I love finding things cheap.  Not too sure when it comes to food but Mum has bought cannolis from Cavallero’s before and they were fine, so I didn’t hesitate. Nomnomnom.

Went to Cooks and Kimmy’s tonight. I wish I had a room like hers…I’d never ever get bored.  My room is so plain compared to hers. Boo!

My brain isn’t really going back on today…I’m kinda stuck in this equilibrium with Jason Mraz playing- it’s all lovely and good. I’ve nothing to convey.  Maybe except the fact that it is the LAST DAY OF EOFYS TOMORROW GUYS! GO STIMULATE THE ECONOMY!


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