juggernaut (noun). irresistible crushing force

June 30, 2009

I knew the meaning of that word before this calendar; thankyou X-Men.

Just got back from watching Transformers: The Revenge of the Fallen.  One word: Awesome.  I still want a Bumblebee and maybe Megan Fox now. Hot.

Facebook won’t let me upload photos :( What gives?

Had a lovely bump-in into Timothy and Sean today! Great to see some fellow International Studies students.  Highlight of my day- seeing people you don’t normally see with their smiling faces.  I missed your accent Tim! (No doubt the butterflies came fluttering back)

Spent the majority of the day with Nessa and Kimmy cruisin’ around in Nessa’s brand-spankin’ new car, Ruby.  That ride is really lovely.  Makes me want to actually learn to drive so I might get a car for myself.

Since Facebook won’t let me, I’ll post some photos here tonight.  This is when Nessa and Kimmy delayed my gym session:
Photo 101
Photo 104
Photo 109
Photo 135
Photo 198
Photo 194

Not being cohesive at all tonight.  Half-asleep with Facebook being a bitch, and work tomorrow.


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