perspicacious (adj). having keen mental perception and understanding

July 1, 2009

My feet are so sore from a day of work in heels.  I’ve no idea why I decided to wear heels to work on this fateful day where 2 pallets of stock decided to arrive.  I did a solid 2 hours of stocking and moving boxes and flattening boxes and more stocking with heels.  I shall go soak my feeties in warm water after this blog.

I finally booked my first driving lesson. 10:30am tomorrow- wish me luck. I’m really excited because I’m gonna learn the tricks of the trade, but am shitting myself because I know I’m not a good driver, so I’m most likely to collide with (in)animate objects when I start freaking out.  Hopefully this guy is good and gives me skills to be a good driver, like Nessa and Darren ;)

I’ve been lookin through the internet for some inspiration for some Toad (the little guy from Mario) costumes.  I’ve also been asking Mum for some sewing tips.  Hoepfully, I shall be able to whip up a costume for Cynthia’s 18th! :D YAY!

I’ve been in Eric’s room a lot lately, because he asked for my company.  However, I like to have music playing at near-full volume, and it distracts him from his intense gaming (right now Pokemon Ruby).  So he chucks a whinge.  Then I would leave.  As just as I’m about to leave, he would go “NO NO DON’T LEAVE”. Cutie.  He’s turning 12 soon- the coming Monday! Need to find a good cake recipe so I can bake him something as Reila would bake.

Elton gave me a link to this design:
Picture 1It got me excited to invest in clothing with the snail design.


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