liquefacient (noun). an agent capable of causing a solid to become a liquid

July 2, 2009

My driving instructor is pretty cool.  He taught me to do reverse-side parking today and told me I would go for my Ps in two weeks time.  However, his rate/package of 15hours comes at $880, which is the biggest rip, so Mum taught me to go bargain him tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Just after my talk with Mum and Nessa, I realised the driving-instructor industry milks as much money as the taxi industry does.  You have these ridiculous hourly rates ranging from $40-$60 to learn the skills to drive, the incredible amount they charge for you to use their car, ranging from $100-$200, and when you go do the tests, you’ve got stupid registration fees and stuff like that.  I feel really sad having to pay all that much to get a little card that is ID and allows me to drive.

I want my Ps but I don’t wanna hurt my back pocket ): So depressed in times of a not-so-technical depression.

On a much happier note, I’m seeing some lovely faces tomorrow. YAY! :D I’m craving YumCha dumplings, Max Brennars, Palmiers and a ricotta cheesecake. Nomnomnomnom.


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