Weekend No. 26

July 4, 2009

It was such a beautiful day today, that today after 2hours of driving, I headed into the city with Darren to pick up tickets for Pericles! That should be exciting! I haven’t seen a production since that fateful epicness that was Bell Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.  After picking up these relatively cheap tickets (read: 50% off for under 27 year olds), Maggie was hungry, so we headed to Nandos for some Peri-Peri sauce.

Chicken is undoubtedly one of the best meats around.  I love it.  My favourite bit of the chicken is the drumstick, closely followed by the thigh, then the wings; the chicken breasts come in last.  Not because I don’t enjoy the meat, its just in its preparation and cooking (I’m refering mainly to KFC here), it becomes all dry and removes all the goodness that is in chicken meat.  So when Darren got the drumstick bit of the half-chicken and I was left with the wing bit half (where the meat tends to be overcooked), I was a tad disheartened.  However chicken was chicken, so I consumed by chicken with an abundance of peri-peri sauce. When I got to the chicken breast, I cut into it and to my surprise, the meat was beuatifully juicy.  At last(!) I have found a place that prepares chicken to my liking: tender and juicy.  Thankyou Nandos for allowing me to see the wonderfulness that is the chicken breast.  Thankyou Nandos for bringing the Peri Peri all the way from Portugal. Yumyumyum!

I know I can be quite clumsy sometimes.  That day at work when I was stocking, I was careless and gave myself a cardboard cut on my right ring finger; yesterday I closed the doors onto my two fingers of that right hand and bashed (unintentionally) the beack of my head into the sill of Pink Pepper Lounge; today, when approaching Dad’s care when he was picking me up, I stacked it onto my four paws.  I’m alright, perfectly fine, no abrasions.  When I got home, dad told this story to mummy who interrogated whether or not I was in pain, and gave me lots of hugs and kisses.  Then I told her it was nothing, and that I have been a tad clumsy these past couple of days, which she interpreted as ‘signs’ to badluck.  This scared me a bit, then vanished when Dad, on the other hand, was like “Why did you fall down for?”.  Yeah, dad, I intended to fall down (read: sarcasm).  You know, it’s like when parents get angry at you for getting into accidents?  This made me think about how my parents will never realise the pain threshold of my adult-self (high!).  I know I am able to look after myself; my parents needn’t worry about such silly things as me falling over accidently because I missed a step on the kerb.  I just wish they wouldn’t worry about me so much… But then again, it’s always nice to know your parents will always be there to care for you regardless of the situation.

I was on myUNSW to see if my academic standing had been determined since my last essay has arrived in the mail on Tuesday (Distinction on my Globalisation paper! :D). I didn’t find any new results but I did find a had a new liability of $2080 to UNSW.  Hello unifees for Semester 2, you came way too early.  I won’t deal with you until Week 1.

Mum just came in with a hot water bottle because I don’t have socks. I shall go warm up and go to bed now.  Driving lessons in the morn’.


One Response to “Weekend No. 26”

  1. TIMSUN Says:

    nandos? really? but they’re so expensive, and you get like, barely any chicken! portugese chicken is pretty awesome though; but i liked nandos better six or seven years ago when it was still new. i DO love the chicken breast though, just not kfc chicken breast.

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