holophrastic (adj). polysynthetic

July 5, 2009

I figured out why I’ve been stacking it since early this week- it’s has been a higher being telling me to WAKE UP and realise I have work tomorrow.  It didn’t hit me until this morning when dad asked whether or not I would be going to work since I was going to see a theatre production.  Yeah- work never crossed my mind whilst planning this awesome night of culture.

Had some KFC today.  The aforementioned ‘dryness’ of their chicken breasts was exemplified in today’s meal (or what could be called one).  It was really dry, and needed the unhealthy, but oh-so-yummy, condiments of potato and gravy and/or coleslaw PLUS chips to make it all the more satisfactory. Mmmm.

I visited my grandmother today at the old people’s home.  She looked about the same, just with a shorter haircut.  She has round tummy and her cheeks!  Eating heaps and whatnot.  However, she isn’t really gaining any strength, probably due to her lack of exercise, or lack of movement all together.  Her limbs were probably the size of Eric’s (read: small and small).  I remember I once had a dream that she was deteriorating because she didn’t have enough to eat/just from living in the old people’s home.  It was back in the days when she wasn’t really eating anything and looked extremely tiny.  The dream ended with her deteriorating until she was a foetus (sorta like the Benjamin Button concept).  I’m glad she’s got her appetite back.

She still rambles on about random, and sometimes made-up, stuff.  She will talk about how she is having an affair with one of the other old people (man), ask Eric about his non-existent girlfriend and my non-existent Vietnamese husband. It’s really hard sometimes to maintain a conversation with her because she still doesn’t register what is going on and pretty much just blurts out what is on her mind-be it pain,  funny stories (sometimes in another language-she is multilingual), the inevitability of her death, how pretty mum is, how her backside itches, how big Eric has grown, how short I am etc. etc. I think I have grown accustomed to this and find myself tearing up less and less.  I suppose its a good thing…I know I haven’t fully grasped the concept of her being here, but not here.

On another note, I found my driving instructor at the old people’s home visiting his mum.  It was nice to have mum and dad meet the man who is helping me get my Ps in less than two weeks.

Pericles tomorrow, excited! :D

One more thing I’d like to say with 1 more minute until times up: Thankyou for coming over today (L)


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