megalomaniacal (adj). obsessed with power, extravagant things or actions

July 6, 2009

I was at work today and witnessed my first shop-lifter shoplifting.  She was an elderly women, unsuspected.  And when I realised that she had taken the salt and pepper shakers, I was in complete shock that someone that old would even consider shoplifting.  One would think with age, wisdom and moral conscience has been integrated into everyday living.  Yet this 70-something year old lady (or who looked to be that age), knowingly took the shakers without paying for it; committing a petty crime.  I know have a somewhat new perception of old people who hold their larger-than-A4-size handbags close to their pits.

Also, there was a Scottish boy who was working at the stall across from the shop.  I saw him quite often as I headed to the bathroom a lot today because I decided to consume a more than average amount of water.  I overheard him saying he was Scottish and thought about how he must think I have some sort of a bladder problem, whilst at the same time thinking about how much my friend Ivy would like him, and his accent.

I had to head into the city today for Pericles with Tuyen and Darren, so I left work early at 3:30-ish.  In hindsight, it was a bad idea because all the school kids were on their way home, so I had to sit through their loud, somewhat obnoxious conversations.  After not so long, I realised that 12 months ago, I was in the same position as those kids.  The train ride home from Glenfield 5 days a week were so fun.  Everyone was just so chilled after a day of school, some days were mixed but most of them were what I saw today.  I miss that.  Now, train rides home from uni vary- sometimes I go home later and it gets heaps cold in winter.  It’s not as fun because you have different people accompanying you home on different days- it’s never a routine anymore.

Pericles was awesome.

I forgot how much I actually enjoy Shakespearian plays.  John Bell is a mastermind for adapting these plays into the contemporary/modern/post-modern context.  I love the costumes-especially the pants and I plan to use that as inspiration to make Toad pants.  If you ever get the opportunity to see a Bell Shakespeare production, do go.  It’s really worth it! :D

I’ll stop blabbing and let you continue on with your day- I’m gonna go brush up and head off to bed now.

Happy Birthday to Eric and Vee! :D


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