amalgamation (noun). something that is a combination of different things

July 7, 2009

Today at work, mum told me a story.

Whilst I was out watching Pericles last night, she was home tuned into some Michael Jackson tribute thing on one of the commercial channels.  She said that the program was playing his hit songs with footage of him dancing.  Not surprisingly, Mum was in awe of how well the guy sings and dance. I am in awe myself.  However, what mum couldn’t comprehend was why MJ always had his hands on his penis, and his skills in dance and conjuring the moonwalk.

Whilst telling this story to me, she didn’t hesitate to use body gestures to demonstrate the full extent of her awe in MJ’s moves.  So when she started to talk about his dance, Mum herself proceeded to imitate his moves, with a failed moonwalk, hand on her crotch and a whinge of how sore her waist/back was after her attempt of performing like MJ.

Mum said she didn’t stay tuned in for long because after each song, there was a commercial and frankly, she didn’t have the attention span to sit through it, so she resorted to her Thai series.

I’m gonna call to say goodnight.


One Response to “amalgamation (noun). something that is a combination of different things”

  1. Tan Says:

    Haha that’s hot.

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