extirpate (verb). to pull up by the stem or root; to destroy completely

July 9, 2009

Maggie unexpectedly went for her Ps today.  She didn’t quite believe her instructor when he told her she’d be doing this fateful Thursday 9th July.  I didn’t feel ready…I swear I slept with thoughts of road signs and mentally entering the roundabout. The instructor came around 9am this morning, giving me the biggest driving lesson probably in driving lesson history.  It lasted 3 hours where he went through trial runs after trial runs, telling me what I needed to fix up on in order to increase my chances of successfully obtaining my Ps.

When it came to the test, I had this guy named John.  It tried to make it more relaxing by engaging in a conversation with the man named John who has been an RTA examiner for 15 years.  He doesn’t mind his job as it keeps him going and surviving.  He has a daughter wanting to be a nutritionist (or something like that) who attends the University of Woollongong.  He was enjoying his day however expressed the mundaneness of his work.  He had already examined 15 people that morning and had mistaken ‘left at the traffic light’ with ‘left at the roundabout’.  There were 4 routes from which the Provisional 1 Licence had, and I had route number 2.  He remembers each route off by heart, but doesn’t really need to as the ‘testing folder’ had a list of directions.  I found it weird how he asked me to do a random kerb side stop then go again.  It was pointless as ever- but then again, I can think of situations where I would do in real life.

After a million headchecks, indications, turns, entering roundabouts, religiously checking the odometre (as speeding becomes a problem when there is little traffic and rain starts to come) and scanning, I returned to theRTA with my last obvious headcheck and slowly came to a stop.  He told me to get out of the vehicle and he would add up my scores.  I returned to have a few words with my instructor, face hot and red, being so flustered from the experience.

When I was called up to the counter, John handed me a stack of red P plates and offered his congratulatory remarks.  I was pretty much smiling from ear to ear with my instructor giving me a good pat and a hug.  Nice man.  I think I went 10 times redder from the shock of actually getting my Ps.  It’s the most exciting thing since getting my Ls.

I suppose getting my Ps would say something about my skills in multi-tasking, that is, it is improving. YESSSS! :D

I ended up getting a distinction for Development Studies. I’m so happppy.  I seriously though I was just gonna pass.
Gotta work a little harder Semester 2 so I can get that WAM of 75. GOGOGO!


One Response to “extirpate (verb). to pull up by the stem or root; to destroy completely”

  1. Tan Says:

    Haha congrats! I failed twice before I got them, so good job sport!

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