Weekend No. 27

July 11, 2009

I went driving today on my Ps for the first time today, around with Kim, Ken and Dimi. It was fun being able to get around on your own.  However, parking is the biggest pain.  It’s one thing to get to the desired destination, it’s another leaving your vehicle stationary so you can get out and go about your business.

I finished my Toad mushroom for Cynthia’s Crunkjuice 18th Birthday Party (tonight).  Everyone who dressed up looked awesome.  HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY CYNTHIA (again).  You’re such an awesome person in your own special little way (I described this to you not too long ago).  Can’t wait to hit the bars and clubs with you dearrr! :D

I’m really tired and can’t seem to keep typing.

I read the most loveliest e-mail tonight after dropping Kimmy home.  I haven’t had one like this in a long time.  I could have kept on reading and reading if it was longer.  I’m gonna go re-read before I tuck myself in (Mummy is being nosey-she’s trying to read it off my iPhone LOL).


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