pernicious (adj). deadly, very destructive, tending to cause serious injury

July 12, 2009

Having your Ps and NOT having a car renders a day stuck at home.  I woke up to a rather gloomy day, so I decided not to head out.  I finished Attack of the Clones, but didn’t go onto watch Revenge of the Sith because I didn’t want to be left on the episode that sees the downfall of Anakin Skywalker and the Jedi (Kimmy has my copy of A New Hope so I’ll just wait until she returns that).  In its place, I decided to start watching Season 2 of The Tudors. It was a nice day spent indoors watching my DVDs.  I haven’t done this in a while (read: eversince Semester 1 of uni started).  It’s only 8 days left until Semester 2 starts and to be frank, this break has not been much of a break at all.  In just over a week, I shall be greeting ARTS1811, ARTS1751, ARTS1481 and CRIM1011 with a big hello and saying farewell to the most-lovely freedom I have had this past 3 weeks.

Come to think of it, I didn’t really do one much during uni break.  Catching up on sleep, reading, ukulel-ing, movies, and with the most loveliest of friends.  It has been fun hitting the clubs, restaurants, their places just to chill and have fun.  I’ve gained probably 5kgs from these holidays, and not being able to go gym to work it off makes me sad.  I have to find a new gym which has a pool because I have come to really like swimming in place of the treadmill.

Since getting my Ps, I’ve queried my parents about getting a new vehicle for myself so I can get myself around.  They said they’re willing to fork out $10K, including the price of rego and insurance.  Which effectively means I need to find a car that is around 6-7K.  However, none of the cars I’ve seen in this price range tickles my fancy.  I know, I know, it’s only just my first car and I shouldn’t be fussed and whatnot considering my parents are willing to pay for it.  But I’ve been looking at second hand Corolla’s and Yaris and have come to really, really like them.  I  wouldn’t mind a Civic or a Jazz, anything small that minimises the pain of parking (in my area, people like to kerb-side park with spaces between them that is suited to small cars NOT the Rav4).  So, I’ve decided to save up some Moolah for a new car, and hopefully by the time I’ve saved up $5K, or something, the car I want would have depreciated!  (Good idea? Yes)

Anyway, I am off to visit my cousins seeing as once I hit uni, I wouldn’t be able to visit them- So I shall make the most of this time.

Hope you enjoyed your weekends dear.


One Response to “pernicious (adj). deadly, very destructive, tending to cause serious injury”

  1. Hieu Says:

    get the 2door rav4. smaller than most ‘small’ cars :D

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