dilettante (noun). a dabbler in art or a specialised field of knowledge

July 13, 2009

An is over and I went mind-blank on what I was gonna blog about.  She currently is moaning the words to the effect of “I’m a freak” and “I’m a weirdo”.  Yeah, go figure.  Anyway, while she lies here on my bed contemplating her freakiness and her weirdness, I shall try my best to conjure up my thoughts about the day.

(MAN IN THE MIRROR playing for An’s sake)

I drove all the way to work today! Stalled traffic by going 90km/h on a 100 road.  I’m so sorry to everybody who had to take my slow speed. But it was quite an experience.  I wanna learn to drive to the city now.  I’m still tragic at parking.  Thanks Hieu for tonight (and Ken for Saturday night).

1 minute until tomorrow. FAIL.


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