Rubenesque (adj). relating to or in the style of Peter Paul Rubens; plump and/or voluptuous

July 14, 2009

Works of Peter Paul Rubens include:

Hope you enjoyed that pinch of trivia on this fine Tuesday 14th July! 3 MORE DAYS UNTIL MY BRACES COME OFF!
Hello to the delights of gum, chewy caramel, peanuts and biting into an apple! :D

Mum and I were going through some family albums tonight.  It was heaps surprising to see Mummy in these awesome pair of shoes that apparently cost her $100.  I’m gonna hit the markets to find a similar pair! But yeah…Mum was so hip when she was dating.  Dad was heaps skinny; now thanks to alcohol, he has a beer belly.  Going through these albums, Mum finally put faces to names of people in her stories that she has shared with me this past 6 months.  I finally now know what my Dad’s ex-gf looks like, what my uncle’s ex-gf looked like and the various uncles of my mum.  I’ve seen them all before when I was heaps younger, but I forgot with age (jeez I make myself sound old).  It’s good to know now.


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