grammatolatry (noun). the worship of words

July 15, 2009

I was gonna hit the hay then remembered I haven’t blogged.  Here we go:

Am really exhausted from a day at work today! It was relatively busy so I didn’t really get to take two-three breaks as such.  But nonetheless, I’m gonna miss working with my Mum.  I told her that today was going to be the last day I would be working with her because uni starts Monday week.  She, like me, was shocked at how quick my uni break was and that she was going to miss me a lot (then she decided to give me a big bear hug with the usual slap on the butt cheek).   A month of no study is really nothing compared to the three we had after HSC.  Albeit it was enjoyable and fun, I really feel as if I haven’t done much… I wish I had gone somewhere away from home.  Must go interstate or overseas after Semester 2.

I wanted a big weekend to end this week, but seeing as many of my favourite kids are either sick, not allowed out or overseas, I think I shall have a quiet one…  We’ll see what happens…might go along with Abarna to Arthouse.  But then I really want to visit the markets on that Sunday. Decisions, decisions!

I’m really excited about tomorrow: Some fine-dining at Yumcha (oh how I miss it) with some kids who I haven’t seen in the longest of time and late-night shopping with Eric.  Must get some custard/jelly for Kimmy and Honey/Lemon for Nessa.

TWO MIGHTY DAYS UNTIL THE APPLIANCES ARE REMOVED FROM MY MOUTH! :D I’m feeling all jittery and excited about consuming  Croquembouche and some Chocolate Mousse Cake.  Masterchef is finishing this Sunday- it has been such an awesome 7pm nightly show.  Definitely gonna miss seeing all the yummy, yummy food.


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