consternation (noun). sudden confusion or amazement

July 16, 2009

I had the car to myself today, so I tried to make good use of it!

After picking up Carol, we headed over to Reila’s place to surprise her (in her sick-ill state) with a birthday cake, as it was her 19th!  It turned out that it was the only three of us (again) for Yumcha again- the rest of the gang was busy with their stuff (two of which were hard at their HSC study).  It was nice, the three of us delighted ourselves to only the ‘good’ stuff available at Yumcha.  I thought I saw Shirley/Nigel’s mum there, but was hesitant to say hello in case it wasn’t here.  However, after Reila confirmed with Nigel that it was indeed his mother, I missed every opportunity available to say hello.  I sincerely hope she doesn’t think I’m a snob of a kid.


After that we decided to head over to IKEA, however when DFO appeared to our right, we decided to go there instead.  Only picked up some under garments and passed on the Abercrombie&Fitch hoodie because I know I would be told off by Mummy for purchasing something white- she thinks I’m a ‘dirty/messy’ kid so she hates it when I get white clothing because I dirty them and she ends up cleaning them for me.  I still want a bolster/spooning pillow/namjing  from IKEA…so I might head over there tomorrow  after I GET MY BRACES OFF! :D HEHEHEHEHE.

I also took Eric to find some pants this late-night shopping Thursday.  It’s so hard to find a pair of denim pants that fit him nicely.  Size 8 is too small for his waist but looks so charming on his skinny legs; Size 10 fits his waist perfectly but yuck at the bagginess around the legs.  Eric is a small, Asian boy with skinny legs…Maybe I should have considered them, but I really couldn’t find any decent looking, decent coloured ones.

Also paid Leena a visit a work and had dinner with her.  It was so nice to see her! Let’s hope our plans follow through yeah??
You should know that I admire you so much.

Also, visited Kimmy who is recovering from her wisdom-tooth extraction.  Bought her jelly but didn’t find any premium honey lemon tea for Nessa, who dozed off whilst we were chatting but woke back up asking to take photos.  She’s so classic, so ‘smarty’ ;) HAHA!

Now it’s pouring and I think I’m gonna send an e-mail before I hit the hay.


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