taciturn (adj). silent; not in the mood to talk

July 17, 2009

Just woke up from a nap because I realised (i) I haven’t brushed my teeth yet and (ii) I haven’t blogged yet.

Today was supposed to be the day I got my braces removed.  Unfortunately, Mr Orthodontist wasn’t satisfied with the alignment and pushed back the debanding until 18th September- that’s right, TWO MORE MONTHS WITH THEM ON D:  I was rather annoyed at the news since I’ve been counting down for nearly 2 months.  I was looking foward to devouring caramel, chewing gum and biting into an apple.  Now I’ll have to wait an addition 2 months before I get my feast. BOO.

I’m heaps tired and might head back to sleep now.  After brushing up of course!


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