Weekend No. 28

July 19, 2009

OMG.  Here I am again with a mere 10 mintures to blog.  I seriously fail at holding myself to a worthy-post.

I think the realms of MSN is quickly latching onto me (again).  I have been abstaining since uni started but now… I really like how it gives me an opportunity to simultaneously keep in touch with many of my closest mates.

After countless occasions of public transporting it to the markets, Nessa decided to drive Ruby down.  It was so much better.  I’ve come to realise that I have become so much more lazier since getting my Ps.  It’s bad since I don’t even go to the gym anymore.


Apologies for a dumb blog.  I swear..after I blogged last night I had a million thoughts running through my mind but when it comes to this domain, those delving thoughts disappear and I have just random rambling.  Apologies again.


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