piscatorial (adj). of, or relating to fishing or fish

July 20, 2009

At work today, a customer came in looking at our range of kitchen scales.  He asked for a set of kitchen scales that accurately weighed small amounts of mass.  He proceeded to manually test each of our kitchen scales, but putting little force to test its calibration.  I told him that we only stocked these analog scales and that for small amounts of mass, an electric scale would be much more efficient.  He nodded.  He looked at me and said Thanks.  I looked at him and said You’re welcome.  He had an odour.  His face was missing a nose.

(If only I didn’t notice this first)

I found that even at the age of 18, I still judge people by the way they look.  To be honest, I was really reluctant and scared of approaching the man with the missing nose.  But mum was on a potty break, and he needed help.  So I gave him some help.  But oh god! It was really bad; I kept myself more than a meter away from him (over the top stand-offish) and held my breath so I didn’t have to succumb to his odour that would have made me chuck up my lunch (which probably made my face go slightly red).  I don’t know…I kinda wish I was more understanding of other people’s special circumstances; be unphased by it, and hence not judge them because of their differences.

I hear Yoda/Obi-Wan saying (in my head):  “Much to learn you have, Young Padawan.”

Going into uni to buy course materials so I can start my readings.  So much to do D:


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