symptomatology (noun). the study of relationships between symptoms and disease

July 21, 2009

Today is Tuesday.  This fact evaded my thought process when dad asked if I had any rubbish because he was taking out the trash.
Trash night for my area is Wednesday.

Planning something is a lot of hard work (this is why I think it didn’t occur to me that it was a Tuesday and not a Wednesday). Solid progress though, so I’m happy.  Just waiting for Abarna for final confirmations before sending out invites.

I went into uni today to pick up course materials. Seeing as my dad needed the car today, I wasn’t able to drive to uni.  Naturally, public transport was my only other way to get there.  Never has a bus wait been longer and a train ride more boring-er.  I always thought I didn’t mind public transport, I mean…I’ve lived with it for 18 years of my life and didn’t think much of it.  But when you’ve lived with your Provisional 1 license, you realise the ease of getting from Point A to Point B (bar parking) and you come to love that instead of waiting 15 minutes for a bus and 20minutes for the next South line because the bus came 5 minutes later which made you miss the train by 2minutes.  Added on, the mundane train ride home with commuters  who don’t seem to know how to communicate with one another.  Only once since uni started had this happen; I had a conversation about cars and reading with a commuter who got off at Merrylands (what a lovely lady for making my ride just a tad more enjoyable).

I just realised I forgot to purchase the materials for French B- FAIL D:

I forgot how much I miss uni (bar its workload).  It’s so great to see and give a gracious hello to the people you know, and also meet new people.  I met 5 new people today, who all seemed well and enjoyed their day.  I hope to see their faces around more often (even though they’re not in my faculty ahahahahaha).

I really need to start reading- there’s so much to read.
Hello UNDP’s Human Development Report 2006.  Goodbye and Adium and Facebook and Blogspot.


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