delineate (verb). describe or portray (something) precisely

July 22, 2009

I ripped open the packaging of my International Relations textbook today so I could start some reading (so much to read).  I don’t know if it’s the same with you, but I always want to be the first to, you know, put that slight crease in it when you first open a fresh new textbook.  Even moreso when you get it brand new; it’s yours, you get that right to open it and smell its freshness and crease it in this process. However, in my attendance to a couple of IM conversations I had going on whilst getting ready to start some readying, my dad was probably curious about what I was studying in uni (because everytime he questions my area of study, I am very vague about it because what I study is very vague in itself), so he decided to OPEN MY BRAND NEW SPANKIN’ TEXTBOOK, without asking for my permission to probe it’s content in order to figure out what I’m studying at uni and incidentally, SMELL ITS FRESHNESS AND MAKE ITS FIRST CREASE! D:

My International Relations textbook is now tainted and I no longer feel as if it’s mine :(  I bookmarked the pages I had to read but that’s as far as I got.  I decided to continue with IM conversations, re-paint my nails red and have a chat with Kimmy (Hello beautiful! I am honoured to have you on the maggiesnail.wordpress bandwagon! :D).

Heaps excited about tomorrow: Leena and Nessa (and Eric HAHAHAHAHAHA)

A minute until midnight!  I just made it (again).


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