protean (adj). displaying considerable variety or diversity

July 23, 2009

Am currently at Kimmy’s place.  Waiting around to wash off  her hair dye with Nessa and I helped apply. Ahh, the wonders of womanhood and be able to do this (I understand that this does nothing for feminism).

(After washing hair dye out)

Am finally home and am exhausted from a full day off 6hours sleep (read: very little sleep considering I slept 4 hours the night before that).  On the brink of physically falling apart.  Went op shopping with Leena and found so many wonderful items for VERY little exhange, then went late night shopping with Nessa and Kimmy.  I would explain in detail but I can’t muster up any more thought of description, so I’m gonna go on about how I feel.

I feel really lucky and grateful at this moment in time.  I’m grateful for the wonderful friends I have,  who I am able to spend my days with.  I’m grateful for the  world’s best Mummy who listens to all my stories.  I’m so grateful for my wonderful friend with XY chromosomes who is so incredibly understanding who I can also share everything with (even though I am annoyingly hesitant at first).   I’m so grateful I am able to attend uni and be part of the world of academia.  I feel really lucky to have parents who are so supporting.  I feel lucky to own a Toby, have five fingers and five toes…

I’m going to have a nice dream now.  You should too! (Unless it’s 2 in the afternoon, in which case, you should go tune into Ready, Steady, Cook! and pick up some new recipes to try :D)


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