forthright (adj). direct; without hesitation; straightforward

July 24, 2009

WELCOME  again to this domain of Maggie’s once again (if you stumbled across here by accident, let me share my story of this blog with you: It’s my New Year’s resolution to blog everyday).   I hope you enjoy your stay and that I’ve slightly enlightened you for the day (maybe not to the extent of JD’s enlightenment at the end of each Scrubs episode, but still, some form of enlightenment/entertainment is my goal).


So like, there is this Oral-B Electric Toothbrush giveaway thing (Thanks to Kenny) if I register and participate in Oral B’s attempt to break the world record for most people to brush their teeth at one.  It’s for charity and everything, and I get this awesome rechargable electric toothbrush, so epic WIN!  But like, I have a 9am French lecture and a 10am Criminology lecture that I do not want to miss out on because of my educational ethics and morale, and therefore I would feel ever so guilty for skipping out on it to get this toothbrush.  But the said toothbrush + goodie bag (worth up to $100) comes with a registration……..NO MAGGIE NO! (so that’s decided).

Moving on, I shall go onto explain the awesomeness that is Gold Class cinema going.  Ivy (‘s dad) kindly provided us with the tickets so we just ended up having to pay for our food.  After ordering, we found out seats: most comfortable, suede recliners that were so awesome because it allowed you to adjust how laid back you wanted to be.  The Gold Class cinemas are much smaller, however more spacious.  The food is 10 times better than the popcorn and lollies and it was just overall awesome because it was so comfy. Thanks Ivy for taking us out! :D

Leena and I also had some delectable Max Brenner’s chocolate before heading up…I am now craving for the Milk Chocolate Frappe and another serving of the Chocolate Dip.  YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.  I also want some deep fried Chicken Wings.  Story of my life.

I hope that was some sort of enlightenment.  Hope you rock up to the Oral B thing and get what I can’t. For me and charity.


One Response to “forthright (adj). direct; without hesitation; straightforward”

  1. leenalove Says:


    Max Brenner:
    – Milk Choc Frappe
    – Chocolate Dip

    Gold Class:
    – Salt and Pepper Squid
    – Thai Fish Cakes
    – That Wonderfully Divine Chocolate Sundae

    THAT was one EPIC food day :)

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