coriaceous (adj). Of or like leather, especially in texture

July 27, 2009

First day of uni for semester two was not what I expected. I suppose expectations get you no where. Anyhow, my French lecture had Ivy and Duncan absent and Shilpah rocking up Kate so I sat with some random chick who I bumped into again later that day in International Relations! I found a friend in Crim who is absolutely hilarious! I had already met her once when she guessed my name but haven’t seen her since that fateful evening.

The train ride there I expected to sleep seeing as I, even though going to bed at 10 the night before, didn’t go sleep until 2am. I ended up conversing with Kimmy via txt and observing commuters . I sat in the 6 seater section, with 5 other commuters. One was an old lady who had a stern look all the way to the city and initially refused to let me into the 6seater seats. The girl who sat next to me was making a list of some sort for her trip to Europe. The guy next to me was snoozing. The man across him was reading through files and wasn’t happy with what he was reading. The girl across me was reading Jane Austen but went to sleep after 3 pages. The old lady who thought she deserved to be mean or something sat next to her. So these were the people I shared my ride with. Not that great.

The ride home was much more eventful because I shares a lovely conversation with Minori about all sorts of things. Mainly food. Yum

I’m so glad Darren is back! Weeeeeeeeeeee :D


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