dissimulate (verb). to disguise under a feigned appearance; to conceal one’s true feelings

July 28, 2009

Eric: My art teacher looks like Lady Gaga.
(Get’s a weird look from Maggie)
Eric: Okay…maybe a bit chubbier.
(Get’s a even weirder look from Maggie)
(Eric resumes watching NCIS)

Woke up at the delightful hour of 11am this morning.  Greatest feeling in the world to see all the house chores done by dad, and the sun was out and shining! :D

Without the gym, I find myself sometimes just sitting at home doing non-active things.  Such as watching The Ellen Show, followed by Oprah, then Ready, Steady, Cook; readings for uni, which are rather drowning; walking over there to get food and coming back here to eat the food; having a shower with Ne-Yo on full blast etc etc.  Rather lazy day.

Wanting to read Battlelines by Tony Abbott.  Never  read the work of a politician before, so am looking forward to it.

I haven’t seen the Oxfam members in a long time.  So tonight’s meeting at the Fair Trade Cafe was awesome.  I love the atmosphere there.  I have to take some of my lovelies and share the delightfulness that is Fair Trade with them.  Then after some cosiness, we’ll head down to The Different Drummer to soak in even more atmosphere. Okay, favourites? Okay.

I’m gonna be volunteering at the Oxfam Trailwalker this year.  Please join and help the people who are helping Oxfam to raise funds to overcome poverty.  Come join if you’re free this weekend.


One Response to “dissimulate (verb). to disguise under a feigned appearance; to conceal one’s true feelings”

  1. leenalove Says:

    haha eric is epic

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