salubrious (adj). favourable to health or well-being

July 29, 2009

Second day back at uni; a lot more bearable.  Found more homie Gs in French class and learnt a bit more French whilst I was at it.

I love Development Studies all over again.  I have a new lecturer for this semester, a professor who likes to call himself an historian.  He made lots of witty remarks but made me love my major even more with this:

I hope you are all optimists; only optimists can change the world.

Just woke up from dozing off in the middle of my global actors readings.  So tired, again; some virus has definitely taken hostage of my body and is thriving on its nutrients.  I blame the hot/cold nature of the weather lately; it’s very unsettled.  Anyway, I think instead of fighting this virus, I’ll just let it take its natural course and die out eventually, making sure I don’t become a vector of some sort.

Sorry if this didn’t do anything but take up a minute of your time.  You’re great (Y)


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