bellicose (adj).inclined or eager to fight; belligerent

July 31, 2009

I had a wonderful day with Darren today (enough said).  We consumed like real consumers do and I was in two near-car-accidents because I failed to check my blind spots properly whilst merging.  I am still a little shaken up and plan to practise merging tomorrow on the highway after I run a few errands for dad.

Driving has been alright. I’m still not G yet; don’t think I’ll ever get a G as my mother anytime soon.  Even though I’m on my Ps (sometimes deemed illegitimate because it was conceived at Ingleburn and NOT Liverpool), I still find that I’m learning so much more on them than I did on my Ls.  I think it’s the whole ‘being on your own thing’ and if anything was to happen it would be solely YOUR fault because you’re the one behind the wheel and your feet are at the pedals…Speaking of which, I was taxi-ing it down to Glebe one evening, and get this: My cab driver used each of his foot on each of the pedals (i.e.  left foot on break, right on the accelerator).   And yes, he was driving an auto.  I was indeed scared for my life.

It’s been a week into uni and I am already behind on readings, homework and such.  I don’t understand why uni does that…it’s so much stress.  I seriously see the doors closing to my social life until I have finished my major essays and final exams.  I suppose going out will be a sporadic thing for the next 12 weeks :(  I need to find extra reading sources as my tutors say it will help broader my perspective for essays.  So if anyone knows where to actually find a copy of THE ECONOMIST or THE LITTLE BOOK OF THE WORLD BANKS DATA (something to that effect), please leave a comment.  I also have to go visit a local court for some observations soon, anyone willing to join me amongst some magistrates and criminals?………As you can see, uni is overtaking my life.  I can’t go and do the things I want: hang with my homies (my new word for ‘friends’, period), do things with OxfamUNSW, do things for myself and mum and dad and Eric, do some volunteering, do some sewing, youtube-ing and sleeping.

So if I haven’t contacted you via txtmsgs, IM or just a phone call in a while, it’s because I’m slaving away to some International Relations readings, Criminology news of bellicose groups, Development stats or French listening.  Know that I miss you and will holla at you when I’m a little less busy (yes, just a little less busy).

I’m probably feeling a bit overwhelmed because clothes is everywhere and my grandmother who lives in the old people’s home didn’t know who I was when I visited her today.  I wanna tell my parents but don’t know how…I think I’m a little scared of how they’ll respond.  She looked good, still chubby in the cheeks with big, round eyes.  I wish she had said hello to me today.

Need some sleep. Sleeping before it hits 12 tonight! GOGO!


2 Responses to “bellicose (adj).inclined or eager to fight; belligerent”

  1. James Bond Says:

    Your uni library should have the latest copy of ‘The Economist’. If so, that will save you a lot of money.


    Thankyou dear! :)

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