Weekend No. 30

August 1, 2009

Sick as a sick person can be :(  I really hope I get better soon for the start of uni and next weekend.

Lately, I’ve been running a lot of errands for my parents: from bank deposits to simply picking Eric up from Saturday School (mind you it is a 2 minute drive away from home).  I find this very disrupting to what I actually plan to do for the day.  In this instance, it was study on a fine Saturday.  Instead of sitting my bottom down for a solid two hours to do a reading/french homework/read the paper and other things, I was in the car zooming around.  In addition, I zoomed around a lot seeing as I wanted to take detours onto multi-laned roads so I could practise my merging.  I did so and feel a bit better  now.

I told my mummy about how my grandmother forgot who I was and she advised that I should go visit more often.  I think I shall do so.  Maybe make it a weekly thing?  Maybe Thursday mornings before I head off to uni.  She likes pink, so I might get her some pink flowers to give some colour/life to her shared room…I hope it’s not against the Old People’s Home’s OH&S regulations.

Mounties’ letter finally came in.  Reading the letter scared me.  I don’t think Mounties has the slightest regard for the notion of ‘innocent until proven guilty’.  The letter was ridiculously incriminating, even though it was just a Notice of Hearing (which is planned for later this month).  I’m not too fussed about it, seeing as I don’t have any intention to continue my membership with them after the rude, inappropriate and insulting way they had treated me.  Put simply: I’m over Mounties and Boo@you.


My brother wants to make scones, I wanna make Panda bread.  I sense a date with the kitchen.  Yum!

And this made me happy! :D


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