castigation (noun). verbal punishment, a severe scolding

August 4, 2009

I wore Havaianas out to get a hair chop today; I returned home with a blister D:  I think the rubber straps decided to dig into my feet because I haven’t worn them in a long time.  Thank you Rubi flats and Oxfords for not hurting me.

I think I wanna take out a subscription to Time Magazine.  I read this awesome article about Zimbawe’s affairs today and would like to be informed monthly about such or similar affairs.  I’ll go pick up a copy tomorrow or something then shoot off a payment.  I’ll probably save $2. Woo.

My friend’s doing some uni assignment on binge drinking and linked me to some very scary videos:

I’m so scared now.


One Response to “castigation (noun). verbal punishment, a severe scolding”

  1. Leena Says:

    Whoa. Those videos left me with goosebumps and a horrified expression on my face. That is so scary.

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