xylography (noun). wood engraving, especially of an early period

August 6, 2009

I had a big day today:
Because I’m a big girl now, I bought a big cup of coffee.  However, I spilt it when I placed it down at the station seat (so if you see a big splash of dried coffee under one of the benches at the station, that was me).  I got to uni heaps early to finish my Morgenthau reading + half a page of response.  After finish that, I had an hour to spare so I went on an adventure with Darren around uni.  It was the most exciting thing since I figured out that the Global Poverty Project campaign was heading to UNSW for a presentation.

I’ve been wanting to do something more active with the GPP, however I had missed out on their city presentation so I didn’t really know what was going on.  So after my last tutorial today, I headed over to the presentation and found some lovely Oaktree people and Jessica and a girl from Hurlstone who was in the grade above me (I think her name was Kim).  Anyway,  the 90 minute presentation was awesome and pretty much inspired me to get on board the GPP and the Oaktree Stand Up For Change campaign.  I’m so excited.  I’m still going to be involved with Oxfam, but am really glad that these projects/campaigns are bigger than the OxfamUNSW uni based stuff we do.

Here’s a plug for the GPP:

I think we all should feel strongly about this issue; we’re all human beings and everyone deserves a fulfilling life-it’s not right for 1.4billion of us to be living in poverty.  If you feel strongly about this also, make a commitment to help eradicate extreme poverty by 2015. End plug.

I had an interesting conversation with Jessica on the way back  home.  She really is a happy soul, which made me happy as well.  I found that she and I share similar public transport etiquette/musings.

That was my big day (not so big aye?)


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