troglodyte (noun). a member of a primitive people that lived in caves, dens or holes

August 9, 2009

(1:30pm) I just finished watching an episode of Landline and Gardening Australia back to back.  I haven’t done this since I finished my HSC Agriculture exam late last year.  I forgot how good these shows were- they focus on issues that ‘normal’ news does not.  Landline was talking about the increase incidence of erosion (because of climate change) and its impact on the macadamia orchids.  As well, it celebrated the 80th anniversary of The Ghan (a train that takes people/produce from Adelaide to Darwin).  Needless to say (because it got me to blog so early in the day) that Gardening Australia has inspired to make a garden bed of my own.  There are so many pretty plants and trees that I want in my garden.  I think I might take up horticulture/floriculture when I am old and am tired of politics.  Hopefully, when I am at this stage of my life, I own a house with big back and front yards so I can design my own garden! :D I would plant a tree in my backyard now but when we moved to this place, Dad  didn’t like the ideas of trees so he chopped them down.  I think the only reason we have a guava tree out back is because my mum saved it- she loves guavas.  I had to advocate the council’s arrangement of tree-planting project along our part of the road we live on- I hammered down on the environmental benefits so he would acquiesce to it; goes to show how he is so against it.

Enough daydreaming; more IR readings.

(4:14pm) Mum called not too long ago asking me what I’ve been doing, so I told her I was watching Paul Romer’s video about charter cities.  As of late, has been my domain of procrastination.  Thankyou Jessica for introducing me to this awesome sight.  I’ve become a big fan of Paul Collier.  I’ve always stereotyped economists as a hindrance to the developmental state because the majority of them follow the neo-liberalists way of organising economics, which evidently has failed to improve the situations in developing countries.  Paul Collier’s take on organising economies in these countries, although still has a top-down approach, carries a very social-orientated and sustainable incentive; which is maybe why I enjoyed his talks so much (he even plugged Oxfam’s work in helping the poverty-stricken countries).  Anyway, has other videos that are not poverty-related, so if you feel like procrastinating, go check them out.  I found a “10 things you didn’t know about orgasm” video recently; great insight!

I should get back to my Crim readings.

(7:47pm)Just got back from dinner and Eric said “You’re so fat” to my face.  I am now deeply saddened and am consequently eating ice-cream.  Can’t wait until Little Miss Sunshine pops into TV, haven’t seen this film in ages.  Someone out there has my copy and it would be nice to get it back but I don’t know who has it.

If you have it, may you please give it back??

(8:25pm)I’ve been streaming She&Him tracks off their myspace. Great tunes and Zooey Deschanel’s rusty voice is so kind to the ears.
I might go invest in their CD because its cover is so simple and cute and pretty! :D
I thought I saw your face today
But I just turned my head away
You’re face against the trees
But I just see the memories…as they comeeeeeeeee
And I couldn’t help but fall in love again (L)


My day feels complete already…sorta.


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