honorarium (noun). a payment given to a professional person for services for which fees are not legally or traditionally required

August 10, 2009

Today’s 9am uni start was completely unnecessary as the lecturer was totally unprepared and shizz. So I sat around checking my email and such.  I got the same question from many French and Int’l Relations students today, asking about my weekend.  I told them that I stayed home and visited friend’s place.  Which is true.  I kept myself in the local so I can go out THIS weekend without my parents being grgr on me, because let’s face it: even though my age legally defines me as an adult, I am really only just in the cusp of becoming an adult and thus, am not really an adult.

I was at my Oxfam meeting today at the Fair Trade Cafe once again (awesome atmosphere by the way).  Anyway, the Oxfam people are pretty carefree- most of them moved out in second year uni.  So when they asked about my weekend, I was quite relunctant to share…but you know, honesty is always the best policy and alas, I told them about my uneventful weekend.  They sympathised and told me that you really don’t become a true adult until you hit 20/21. Three more years, woo! (read: sarcasm).

But I suppose this isn’t too bad…I mean, I KNOW I’m not ready to start paying rent and electricity bills and phone/internet bills. GOD.  I’m really scared at the prospect of doing so. I don’t even have a proper job, seriously!

Anyway, there are many upcoming events Oxfam will be hosting.  So UNSW goers, keep your eyes peeled around our campaigns that focus on Climate Change, Fair Trade and Livelihood (this is a new one, I’m so excited).  The ex-president came back with exciting news: for the Close The Gap campaign, we managed to get up to $1500 in funds for  indigenous health! :D

I just realised that I have really bad syntax, though not as bad as Yoda’s.  Must fix this soon.  Anyway, on my way to the cafe this evening, I stopped by this Op shop and picked up a fleecy jumper and a fleecy cardigan.  I’m so happy.  However, the thing about second-hand item is that they come with this infused, old-people odour. On behalf of the lazy people who can’t be bothered giving such items a wash: Thankgod for perfume.

Eric made me download horrible music which is now stuck in my head.  Time to blast some Pheonix! (:


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