cynosure (noun). a centre of attention

August 11, 2009

I can say, that I wasted my day* today. Thankyou NSW court system: you were great at providing me with 3 cases of a criminal nature in a period of 6 hours.  Boo@you.  Waste my day.

JB Hi-fi fails.  They didn’t stock She&Him’s Volume One OR The Bird and The Bee’s Ray Guns are Not Just the Future. Boo. I really wanted to invest in these pretty-album covered CDs.  Salivate over these:

Now I want these hoisted on my walls, maybe next to my Paris poster.  Time for another visit to that poster shop in Newtown! Anyone wanna join?
(Actually, I just went to check if they had anything from these two artists….NOTHING! Boo)

I got two letters today, one from St George bank, who provided me with my tri-monthly bank statement, and another from Centrelink, informing me about my youth allowance application.  Anyway, I opened St George’s one first because it looked more appealing with the red.  It was only one page (double-sided) as I have ceased making transactions on the card since my gym membership was suspended.  So naturally, I was suprised to see some credits pumped into that account, credits from Centrelink.  So it goes without saying, Centrelink’s letter informed me that my application was successful, even though it’s a measly $57 a fortnight.  K Rudd is giving me free money so I shall not complain. Woo!

Ladida.  Anyway, must go study French now.


2 Responses to “cynosure (noun). a centre of attention”

  1. James Bond Says:

    I think you meant to say that you wasted your “day”, not “dad”. :P

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