furtive (adj). done by stealth; surreptitious; secret

August 13, 2009

Yes, I am rather tired when I finally get to blogging, so please pardon my grammatical and spelling errors- that is not to say that I won’t try fixing it for your reading benefits :)

I am currently blogging on my train ride home because, that way, I don’t have to do it when I get home and I can just plonk out. I probably will have to cancel on Reila and Carol’s shopping day, and seriously catch up on work (even though I’m at the end of my week in terms of uni). The last couple of tutorials today urged us to start on out essays, so I suppose I should. This way, I won’t feel so bad about going out tomorrow night with some lovely girls and boys to Wagaya and Tank.


(I saw friendly faces when I got off at the station today!:D)

I’ve neglected this semester’s uni work enough- time to get my act together. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the content of my courses, if anything, they’re what keeps me going. I think the main reason why I haven’t been motivated for uni is because of a platonic hiccup- it’s time I said it out and not just confide in my confidante. I’ve learn that friends that you get from uni come and go; it’s the true friends that stick. And it’s not to say that you can’t find true friends at uni, because you can. You can find friends who share the same interests, aspirations and taste, and don’t mind the inconvenience of meeting up. I’ve come to not attach too much emotions over this friend who decided that she didn’t see me as a true friend- if she doesn’t want to share her stories, I won’t share mine. It’s okay- there are people I’d love to share my stories with and theirs with me. And since I’m okay with this now, I can now get my act together in terms of study. Hello WAM of 76+. Please be my friend; I would greatly appreciate it.

Time for bed, or something like that (:


One Response to “furtive (adj). done by stealth; surreptitious; secret”

  1. James Bond Says:

    Sorry if I annoyed you in anyway. I was just trying to be sympathetic with you. Carry on!

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