Weekend No. 32

August 15, 2009

Bond: I’m not annoyed so don’t be sorry dear.  But I will definitely try and improve my errors in the posts.  I hope your doing well!

I’m aware that I missed a post yesterday, but hopefully, I can make it up with this post; we’ll see how we go?

My parents are hardworking people.  Everyday, I see them come home from work, exhausted.  They come home with groceries for dinner.  Mum makes dinner while dad continues his paper work (with a beer at hand, of course).  I try to help out when I can… but sometimes, I feel like the biggest bluge/sloth/ungrateful kid.  I mean, I whinge and complain about being exhausted all the time, then I look at my parents and think about what they’re doing all day compared to me; I’m fucking pussy, I can’t even handle a little strenuous task.  It’s kinda like, when Mum gets home, she cleans the floor whilst I lie on the couch and watch an episode of Mythbusters.  I could have easily cleaned the floor this morning and save her the trouble tonight, but I didn’t- and I feel horrible.  I’m pretty lazy when I think about it.  My parents don’t get to me to do as many chores because they would rather me study, but instead of studying, I watch TV and go online and talk to people.  Blehhh- I’m gonna help out around the house more so my parents don’t have to do it and be so exhausted.

On a lighter note, I had a lot of fun with some lovely people last night at Wagaya and Tank! :D  Wagaya was pretty awesome as far as Japanese restaurants go.

I’ve come to really enjoy dining out and trying new foods/cuisine.  I really wanna visit an Indian restaurant on King (called Posh Spice LOL!)  and a sweet Spanish Tapas Bar.  I would also like to visit a Lebanese restaurant! :D Yummmmmmy!

I finally found a copy of She&Him’s Volume One in stores and purchased myself a copy.  It’s absolutely lovely to listen to.  I decided to hop onto youtube to see if they had any music clips up: turns out they do for one of their tracks “Why do you let me stay here”.  It is the cutest thing:

The director of 500 Days of Summer also decided to make an accompanying clip to the film with the track.  Like its original, is also very cute:

My little cousins came over tonight.  I usually hop over to my grandmother’s place because its much bigger for big family meetings.  To have them over tonight, was squishy, but it was awesome! :D

Anyway, I should like…start studying.  Haven’t done anything to do with university since 2pm yesterday.  I need a WAM of 76+ mansssss.


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