iniquity (noun). immoral or grossly unfair behaviour

August 16, 2009

Marxism is killing my life- the theory itself has four dominant strands!  If I had know, I would have started my readings earlier! Booooo!  I have other theories to read over too! D:  This is my last set of stuff I have to do before the uni week starts again.

I’m really loving the sounds of She&Him.  It’s so lovely and compliments the sunny Sunday perfectly (L). The voice of Zooey Deschanel is so cute and rustic  She herself is tres cute as well:

I didn’t get up to much, except it made me really lazy and more inclined to procrastinate because the weather was surprisingly beautiful.  However, I did get through 2/3 sets of homework I wanted to do, so I’m glad.  I would be over the moon if I got these readings done tonight, but I highly doubt it.  I have half of Marxism to go, followed by Constructivism, then the Feminist, Post-Modernist and Post-Polonial theories of IR to get through. RAH.  I suppose what they say is true: Study hard then party harder.  I never learn do I?


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