ampersand (noun). the sign & (and)

August 17, 2009

5 Commercials Eric has ‘Mythbusted’:

1. Wrigley’s “5” Gum doesn’t give you the ‘tinglies’

2. Listerine mouthwash does NOT make your cheeks go BOOM!

3. Nutri-Grain doesn’t make you strong with mere consumption.

4. The Lynx effect doesn’t exist.

5. KFC Melts are not as yummy as they look.

I have a Development essay due next week! D:  OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG PANIC ATTACK.  I’ll be UNSW Library from 10am-5pm nerding it out for Criminology and Development Studies.

I find myself having difficulty rethinking the day and filtering through what is worthy and not-worthy to include in the post.  I have a lot of ‘un-worthy’ stuff today.  However my IR/Dvt/Crim/French friend Ash gave me an awesome idea today during the IR lecture where the lecturer, once again, harped on for more than half an hour about current world affairs (time which could have been better spent distinguishing the different strands of Marxism for us).  During this uneventful part of the lecture, no one takes notes.  Why?  Because we get it in the daily paper already.  Ash very cleverly titled this section of the lecture as “A Tribute to Non-Listening Bastards” and continued on with a very witty tone.  The study conducted by the Salvos found that 40% of people find it okay to torture other people for information- Ash noted this as “It’s okay to torture:)”; the same study found that 30% of people also found it okay to kill other people as long as they’re your enemy (Ash noted this as “It’s okay to kill your enemies”; in other news, Hilary Clinton is on a Lecture Africa Tour (or something to that effect) in which she points her finger at the corrupted, selfish leaders and advocates women’s rights (to which Ash note “Clinton is African.  Clinton is a woman”).  I found it hilariously entertaining to the monotonous weekly update in world affairs.

So the idea is for me to view these lectures in a entertaining light as Ash did.  I think that would make things a lot more interesting.  This way, it’s more likely to be posted and I don’t run out of things to blog about and what not.  Of course, I’m not abandoning my daily musings and thoughts- it’s just an alternative.

Oxfam meeting tomorrow at the Cafe.  Sweeeeeeet!

To end:

ampersand = &


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