perorate (verb). to conclude or sum up a long discourse.

August 20, 2009

(4:18pm)It’s finally 21 degrees like it said it would be!:D  I’m currently sitting in the library lawn devouring my yumyum salad with people standing around taking photos because it’s their graduation.  Very envious- I have a tut in half an hour :(

I just got out of my IR lecture which focused on Marxism, constructivism and feminism= all very confusing and this I was left staring at a fellow classmate, whom I recently had a dream about but forgot it in the rush of getting my assignments done.  We were in the same IR tut last semester, but never talked because we were in different rows.  This semester, the classroom is an horseshoe shape, so there is no distinguishable rows, but we’re both nomads in regards to where we sit.  Last week was the closest we’ve been to each other- one person in between us.  We give each other weird looks without any oral exchange-
(OMG> stand in my face why don’t you?!  3 graduates are standing right in front of me to get a photo of themselves with the 60 year old library. )

Anyway, I dreamt about befriending this classmate, so next week, if possible(and if I don’t chicken out), I will ask about his well-being.  He looks nice enough-minus his constant look of boredo-, and has a nice surname.  Woo!

(10:39pm) Back from a nice catch-up with a dear friend who I haven’t seen in a very long time.  I’m glad we’re both doing well! :D I think it’s high time for a chat. Woo!


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