gambol (verb). to skip or leap about joyfully

August 21, 2009

I could gambol right now with the thought of today.  It was such a nice day.  I thought that I would relax and give myself a break from work for the day as I had finished Criminology yesterday!  I hung with Darren for most of the day, eating KFC and watching Fight Club (finally).  The Ultimate Burger meal is ultimately impossible to finish (if you order it with the 3 Wicked Wings instead of the Original Recipe).

I was even more happy when Mum came home with grapes, bananas and strawberry- I was getting sick of oranges.  I had some self-made Max Brenner’s Chocolate Dip today with strawberries and Nutella (thank you Leena!).  I am now so stuffed with that and the Thai dinner I had earlier this evening.  It wasn’t that enjoyable because the dentist had re-wired and re-banded everything today, so everything is still a bit tender, so I could not really chew though the grilled ox tongue, paw paw salad or the chicken feet salad :( FAT!

Eric loves milk tea/green apple green tea with pearls.  Whenever I’m out at the shops, he gets me to visit Easyway or Lucky Cup so I can get him either of the drinks.  Tonight, he took an extra step and searched up on the Internet for its recipe.  Now, any normal person would have figured out that it is not that hard to make the milk tea with pearls (you get milk tea, you get pearls and you mix them together).  But when Eric stumbled across the recipe, he exclaimed with a genuinely excited “I FOUND IT!”. Clearly, Eric really loves milk tea with peals.

I said to myself that I’d finish a couple or two readings tonight, and some French homework.  I think I was being idealistic.  I got a little French done, and very little readings.  Shall go do some now.


One Response to “gambol (verb). to skip or leap about joyfully”

  1. leenalove Says:

    You saw me and dimi today also :)

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