vet (transitive verb). to examine carefully; to subject to thorough appraisal; to provide veterinary care for (an animal)

August 22, 2009

Suddenly 30 is on TV now.  I miss that movie, so I decided to watch it.  The Notebook is on after this.  I have an essay due this Friday- DILEMMA. Boo.  I know what I should do.  So I will, I can always go get my DVD back and watch it another time (and not with my dad watching it with me because it would be so awkward when the sex scenes come on which, mind you, I think is the best sex scene ever constructed in front of the camera).

Development economcs is seriously the most boring componest of Development studies, and it just so happens the co-ordinator decided that the first essay question would involve researching about such things. Booooooo.  I have roughly an hour and half before my brain capacity decides to clock out…unless I skull down a can of V now, which I won’t because I’ve come to dislike the crash at the end of it’s energy cycle.

We are young, heartache to heartache
We stand
No promises, no demands
Love is a battlefield

OMGOMGOMG the opening of The Notebook is playing….I’m getting sucked in already! THE BIRDS AS WELL! OMGOMGOGMOOMG.



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