flout (transitive verb). to treat with contempt and disregard

August 24, 2009

I totally forgot to blog yesterday; I was heaps exhausted from a day of study and this didn’t cross my mind.

I’m exhausted from today’s study as well, but am relaxing to a re-run of Miss Universe with Mum- who has her eyes glued to the TV. Mum is a real sucker for boobs and bums; her pupils dilated when the swim suits came on.

Miss Australia is really pretty this year, as well as Miss Domincan Republic. Miss Venuzuela won at the tender age of 18- that’s my age. It really amazes me how much 18 year olds can do at just 18. It sometimes feel real sheltered not being able to jump and frolly around the world, helping people who need/want help. Yeah. Let’s hope I can finally go overseas at the end of the year!

I am in need of a shower- I will go and report back tomorrow :D


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